Time out

It’s here – the long weekend!

We are lucky that the Royals have given us an extra bank holiday, resulting in four day weekends two years in a row.

I for one have taken advantage of both. Last year we had Easter and then The Wedding and I skipped off to Mexico, this year I am taking a week in Portugal with my fiancé and his daughter.

What will you be doing?

I love a holiday, time out to recharge and most importantly relax. But this one has been a long time coming – 9 months. Gosh I could of had a baby in that time!

For me this long amount of time without a trip abroad (soaking up the sun and doing nothing) has left me working on overdrive.

As much as I love running on pure adrenaline I have taken a good look at my diary and given myself a few weeks away over the next 16 weeks that will leave me ready for a wonderful Autumn and winter.

My diary is crazy busy (which is great) and I am struggling for dates for practices in August and September already!

I am going to enjoy my time out as much as possible as after my break in September there will not be another one until my honeymoon in April 2013!

BUT I will still have my phone with me on holiday and my macbook.

The reason for this is that I know while relaxing I will have some amazing ideas that I need to write down and perhaps mind map while away. This always happens to me and I can’t let the ideas disappear!

Even though my other half will not be happy when he see’s me sneak the Macbook in the suitcase, I am hoping that a few of you will understand that relaxing and taking time out is the best way to really look at the big picture and assess where you are going!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend or half term break and hope that you do take time out and recharge, and also enjoy the feeling of having that great idea while doing so!

Laura Horton

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