Time management troubles

Do you have endless to do lists, with items on the ‘list’ that have been there for a very long time?images-21

Do you have tasks that you always put off just because you do not see them as a high priority or maybe find the task boring?

How about a note book filled with action points that you can never find when you go back to the book – you ruffle through so fast you wish the page you are looking for?

We have all been there. The feeling of being disorganised can really weigh you down.

I highly recommend you read eat that frog by Brian Tracy and also purchase Tony Robbins RPM time management programme.

These 2 resources are fantastic.

The RPM time management has been the only time management tool that has worked for me. I kid you not. I have tried everything!

Basically you put all of your to do’s into sections such as HR, marketing, and stop mixing all to do’s together. The next step is then to set times to work on each area so you don’t jump from marketing to HR  and back to marketing again. It’s a very powerful way to work and I highly advise you look into it!


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