Time management: Ask for help

Why are some people so afraid to ask for help? Note that I used the word people – we are human after all, we are not machines!

Managers in particular feel that if they ask their team for help by delegating tasks, this shows as a weakness. Its not a weakness its a strength and here’s a few reasons why:

  1. It shows you trust in your team when you ask them complete a task for you
  2. The dental team is full of caring people who naturally want to help others where they can
  3. It proves you are human after all and that you are not a machine

As an adult I have always asked for help whenever I have needed it. I learnt the hard way at school that sitting back and not asking does not do you any favours!

There was a girl in my math class who always took all the teachers time, asking him so many questions it was infuriating. I would sit there with my hand in the air for the whole lesson being ignored so soon I didn’t bother anymore.

Then my math study suffered big time. I was always a whizz at the stuff you never need: algebra, Pythagorean theorem – bring it on, but everything else was getting harder. I went from the top class, then each year I went down a group.

That was school, as adults its gets even worse.

Work stress causes problems at home, in other relationships, and the worse case scenario is that you can no longer work!

Going back to the two previous blogs this week, it is essential that you master prioritising and delegating and when it comes to delegating if asking for help makes you feel “weak” then all you have to do it just get over it!

Laura Horton

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