Time and WOW

Many of the practices that we work with have an aim to increase the wow factor in their patient experience and are very keen and excited to do so.

One discussion that takes place with us is the time is takes to provide WOW.

If you want to provide WOW then the time it takes from the team and time allocated to patients’ appointments has to be addressed.

When you push your patient experience you need to ensure that it is consistent. We work with many practices and have been working with some for a long time, one of the reasons is to to help them keep their patient experience fantastic and consistent.

To provide WOW do you:

  1. Have enough staff every minute you are open including when you have holidays and sickness?
  2. Have clinicians that can run to time?
  3. Have dentists that can treatment plan not only the time to do the treatment, time for set up and turn around and time for the nurse to get involved and provide WOW too?

We can help with points 2 and 3 but the business has to start the recruitment process for point 1.

If a goal for 2018 is to provide an outstanding patient experience start by reviewing your staff levels and address any concerns that you have.


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