There’s never enough time. Is there? Part 2…

Following on from the last blog, I would like to express my opinion and it is just that:

I feel that anyone saying they don’t have enough time to complete tasks etc only has themselves to blame. It’s a learning curve that we all have to go through, the sooner you take action the sooner you will feel great about your workload and soon be shouting “bring it on”.

The last blog focused on prioritising. Today we look at delegating.

You have to wipe the phrase “if you want a job doing properly, you have to do it yourself” from your mind. I say “if you want to achieve your goals you have to delegate”.

Let go, invest your TIME in showing your team what you need them them do and go for it. You have to train your team to achieve this step. Take notes of what you have delegated and the deadlines you have given and ask for feedback.

Praise those that you have delegated to so they want to do it again and don’t give them all the boring stuff!

Start by writing a list of everything you do daily, weekly and monthly and then confirm what can be delegated and who could do it. Remember skills can be taught and you can teach people. Then set time aside to train the team members and ask them to create training guides, using print screens so you have solid systems in place.

My PA Alison knew nothing about dentistry when she started to work for me, now she does. However, I am constantly delegating more and more to her as she is fantastic, so intelligent, speedy and organised. We are the perfect team. I couldn’t be without her! So why can’t a member of your team help you?

Laura Horton

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