There’s never enough time. Is there? Part 1….

Yes there is but you have to make the time.

To be efficient you have to be able to prioritise , delegate and ask for help.

So today lets look at prioritising:

I had to come to terms, many years ago, with the fact that I had to get a grip on prioritising. At the time I was managing two practices, running a training academy and working as a TCO – phew!

The biggest thing i learnt was that what was top of my list may not of been the top of someone else’s, my bosses or my teams. Therefore it is important to listen and get feedback.

You all know you have to write everything down, we can only remember (on average) 7 things at once, so we need to help out our short terms memories.

I have tried typing todo lists on on Word with lovely tables stating priority and due date, BUT it’s never worked for me! I have always hand wrote my todo list – until lately. I have found this a great help – Toodledo!

The other tip I have for you is to find a way to prioritise effectively, I personally think Brian Tracy is the person who helped me no end.

Click his name and see what he has online, I used to love his free newsletters.

Laura Horton

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