The Treatment Coordinators weekly meeting

The TCO system is one that needs 100% focus so a weekly meeting between the TCO and the management
is essential to keep on track.

This meeting shouldn’t take more than 1 hour, and it is the TCO thats preparing and presenting during the meeting.

What should be discussed?

Here’s 5 ideas to help you:

  1. Review the previous weeks NPs that the TCO saw – whats happening? Review the previous weeks NPs  that the dentists saw – whats happening?
  2. What were last weeks conversion rates and average new patient spend?
  3. Review the paperwork, e.g. are the consent forms signed and completed correctly?
  4. What’s happening next week? Who’s  coming in: How many complimentary consultations does the TCO have, how many new patient exams and treatment presentations do you have scheduled? whats the potential value
  5. Whats happening with patients’s that are in the follow system – what’s the total outstanding treatment fee amount to?

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