The treatment coordinator and social media

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Around five – six years ago I joined Facebook, after the girls at work told me all about it.

We all had friends on Facebook and at this point myself and one other team member (known as S for this blog) were not aware of becoming a fan of a page – now known as liking! We didnt know that existed!

I will never forget one of my bosses telling me that the practice needed to get on Facebook and Bebo. Bebo we knew was for teenagers so immediately said no to that idea, but couldn’t see how starting a friend page for the practice would get us new patients.

S and I sat on Facebook (new to it ourselves and our boss was not on it) and couldn’t work out why it would work for the practice – we Googled and in the end gave up as everytime I asked my boss how or why he didnt have an answer.

The treatment coordinator is a perfect person to be helping with the practices social media, but my advice is this: If you don’t know the hows or whys yourself don’t expect someone else to know!

Now you have companies that can help you such as Brendon MacDonald from Apex Social Media – so use them! If only they were around when I was given the task that I them gave up on!

So do not give your team a book or an article give them the real up to date tools/ people to put something very powerful into your practice!

My golden tip is not to have a friend page, besides the fact that Facebook will shut it down you are missing out on lots of valuable insights!

Laura Horton

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