The team member that needs a new challenge


Today I am very happy.

I was recently contacted by a team member who wanted to move to a new practice to find logowork as a TCO. This was a career move for her that wasn’t available at her practice.

At least once a month I have the same email enquiry. My advice is always to stay where you are and have an open discussion with your principal(s) about your goals and how this role will benefit the practice. I know that practices’ do not want to loose their trained and exceptional team members, this is also costly!

I am pleased as punch that many members of the dental team see the TCO role as a career path and want to take on the responsibility.

This lady, I encouraged through emails to talk to her boss, even though she felt that the TCO role was not something they would consider.

Guess what? They have listened and welcomed her ideas, and she is staying put and going to push the practice forward!

My advice to principal dentists is this: 3-6 monthly team appraisals – you cannot not afford to loose your best team members that you have spent years investing in. Let them share with you..

My advice to the team members is this: Arrange a meeting and be honest – your boss will not want to loose you and welcomes the drive and commitment you have.

The proof is in the pudding with this lovely lady who contacted me, she is now happy and so is her employeer.

Remember – in the words of Stephen Covey “think win-win”

Laura Horton

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