The power of virtual consultations

The importance of the free initial consultation has become more apparent than ever and many dental practices are making the most of virtual technology in order to offer this powerful service to patients.

By carrying out these sessions with my clients, I have been able to uncover some of the pain points and blockers that many are experiencing in order to find ways to overcome them. In this blog post I wanted to discuss with you 2 key areas that can help to elevate your virtual consultations.


If you are not currently offering virtual consultations, is it because the technology is putting you off? Software such as Zoom and Teams have seen a surge in uptake during lockdown and there are some great reasons for that: they’re free, easy to use, and have great functions that allow you to communicate really effectively.

If you are already offering virtual consultations, are you struggling to use the software to portray your services? I’ve noticed dental teams desperately trying to hold a Typodont model up to the camera, but if the patient’s device doesn’t have a strong signal or a clear picture, it’s wasted.

The solution is to have a consultation template set up and ready to use, that contains clear imagery depicting your services in a really desirable way.


This leads me on to structure. All too many times during a virtual consultation the patient ends up taking control… you wouldn’t allow this to happen in your surgery!

Having a clear structure for your consultations is key. This will enable you to share the information required, lead the discussion in a useful way that builds excitement and converts the consultation into a paid treatment.


Preparation is vital for a good virtual consultation and part of this should be ensuring your patients have sent in their photographs. You need an easy system for them to be able to do this because anything that makes things complicated will become a blocker and you won’t see the uptake you expect from your virtual consultations.


I have created a variety of modules designed to support the patient experience and develop your dental business by giving you and your team the systems and verbal skills required. From branding your consultations, the presentation you need to create and a template to make it easy for you to get started. I also share my top tips on the technology available and opportunities to automate patients booking your virtual consultations, including ensuring you have their photos.

However, I hope that this post gives you something to think about to support your virtual consultations and conversion rates.



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