The perfect perfectionist and treatment coordinator

A couple of weeks ago I held my advanced TCO programme in a practice.

I had spent two days implementing the role in the summer and I went back to watch the TCOs live with patients’ holding complimentary consultations.

The day before I was also in the practice working with the dentists on their examinations and treatment presentations.

One TCO in question was stressed about me observing her the next day. She kept telling me how she did things incorrectly and how rubbish she was.

Now I have a sister that is a perfectionist. She is outstanding at everything she does but always thinks it’s not good enough. I had a feeling that this TCO also suffered from perfectionism.

I observed her live with her patient and I have to say that I could not of held the consultation any better myself. I never give a 10/10 score but I have to for Livvy from Pure Dental Health in Cornwall.

This lady is an asset to her practice and the best TCO that I have ever witnessed live with a patient.

Well done to you Livvy, I left Cornwall on a real high and had the best day in my professional working life 🙂

Laura Horton

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