The patient journey is dead

I hate the term patient journey with a passion it’s so boring and does not inspire a raving fans culture in the business.

images-11You cannot underestimate the amount of hard work that has gone into gaining your new patient and retaining your existing ones.

If all you do thereafter is focus on the journey, a set protocol where the team are restricted from thinking outside the box that has no added value benefits to the patient then you are swimming against the tide.

You need to focus on the raving fans experience your dental practice offers to patients. What will get them talking to their friends and family. What will they see as wow? What will get them excited about coming to the dentist? What keeps them with you, spending their cash in your practice?

You can’t afford to sit still, whatever you do other practices are catching up and fast!

So ditch the patient journey and concentrate on a client experience; client = someone who returns again and again. Experience = clients that tell their friends about you again and again and for free.

Let you team think out the box and make each client experience unique!


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