The multi-team approach

As I sit here on a Tuesday evening, ready to turn off my Mac with eyes that need match sticks and a list of action points I have no hope of achieving this week, you would probably be surprised to read that I am extremely happy!

Why – because I have an amazing team of like minded people, we are all so similar, passionate and if there was an official colour for Dentistry that would be the colour of our blood!

Another dream becomes a reality and I can’t wait to share the new vision, brand and it’s meaning and even more of OUR plans with you in 2013.

Is this how a dentist feels when they have what I like to term as multi-team approach?  A passionate group of hygienists, therapists, TCOs, outstanding nurses and receptionists, clinicians with special interests…………

Soon you will see exactly what we are passionate about!

Laura Horton

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