The GDC and THAT advert

10356705_1476518935927247_2185595441650297765_nAs if the 64% increase in the dentists ARF wasn’t a tough enough blow to the profession, plus an increase to the DCP fee  (many practices pay for their nurses). This week the GDC I feel I has put the final nail in the coffin.

I seriously doubt that the GDC will be here in a years time after this weekends antics. The advertisement has left me shocked and lost for words.

One dentist has already sent a request using the Freedom of Information request to find out who sanctioned this, was there a vote, how much it cost, how much the design cost etc which is fantastic to read the full request click this link

Dentists have been left feeling disappointed, upset and completely let down. It is clear that the GDC have no idea how hard it is being a dentist. The level of trust you have to build, the clinical pressure added in with the fact that you CARE about your patients and are providing CARE to them!

Hopefully the BDA will step in and be able to do something to support the profession as right now we have over 40000 dentists without a supportive governing body.

Now is the time for the profession to stick together and turn things around, everyone has a voice so please use it. Sign the petition against the ARF, complain to the GDC about their advert, keep an eye on social media as I am sure we will soon see big changes at the GDC and its existence.


GDC number 163369

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