The different between a treatment coordinator and implant coordinator

I am going to keep it really simple:images-17

The treatment coordinator is responsible for initial consultations with the new patient, be it free or on the day the new patient see’s the dentist for the 1st time.

The implant coordinator ideally attends the treatment planning sessions with the TCO and dentist.577954_10152062165387524_281563330_n

However their role kicks in when the patient says yes to treatment – they are responsible for ensuring the consents are correct and understood, scheduling, lab communication, organisation for the placement(s), and post op care on the placement date. Then they ensure everything is correct all the way through to the completion of the treatment plan.

They are there to support not only the patient but the dentist too. Best off as the “dirty” nurse during placement to ensure notes are updated as the fixtures are placed.

Watch this space this week for more detailed information!


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