The DCPs annual retention fee – keep your place and get tax claim in!

The time has come again, many DCPs will be stressed or worried about how they will pay the ARF this year.

BUT I really want to stress to the DCPs that you must stay on the register! Do not come off this for any reason. A friend of mine last year had to get back on and she ended up paying over £300 to do so.

The Dental Nurse Network have a tax claim section on their website, they can help you to claim back many fees you have to pay as a DCP

  1. You can get 20% of the ARF returned to you
  2. A tax allowance for laundering
  3. A percentage refunded for any other fees you may pay e.g. to BADN

Have a look on their site and make a claim today.

Watch out for tomorrows blog out why I feel many practice owners should be paying the ARF for some of their dental nurses!

Laura Horton

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