The (almost) digital detox

In June I took a two week break, on my first day back I planned a light day of coaching calls with clients, a podcast recording and answering emails, no projects or prep. I had a wonderfully relaxed day in the office and went home feeling relaxed still and happy.

I was so relaxed and I put it down to an unusual decision to delete emails from my phone while away.

I don’t know what even made me think of this, it was a whim.

I knew I would look at emails and maybe even reply to some if I did not.

My thoughts this time were if there was anything urgent my PA would ‘go retro’ and text me.

So I didn’t have a digital detox that you read about but I felt great knowing I had a part digital detox!

I still went onto Instagram and posted a couple of pictures as I have no issue with the time I allocate to being on Instagram each day, that can range from 0 minutes to 5, and I personally find Instagram a happy place to be unlike Facebook.

So back to work. As I opened my inbox on Monday I was not concerned and I logically spent time dealing with the emails from where I left off.

This holiday for me was the best in years. I allowed myself to have a detox from email. A form of communication which, I do not enjoy anyway.

Instead I spent time focusing purely on my toddler and our enjoyment on this family holiday with my husband and parents. My son had the most amazing time.

I have to say that I never send emails or go on my phone when I am with him, but this was the first time I switched my emails off my phone on a holiday.

If you have a break coming up give it a try as if there is a crisis someone can pick up the phone and call you instead.


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