The 2 week holiday

It has been almost 3 years since I last took a two week holiday. This one was special as it was my honeymoon.images-22

However, we made a decision on this trip not to take 2 weeks off again. It’s a long time! We are so used to taking one week breaks throughout the year that this just felt odd. Yes we were enjoying ourselves, but we were ready to come home.

We’ve both had just over 3 weeks off work if you count the wedding, then Christmas – and everything was so crazy for the whole of December we sat on the plane on boxing day exhausted.

So for 2014 we are having 2 one week breaks. Could this be a mistake? Maybe we need to get used to going away for 2 weeks – but it’s a really long time isn’t it?

Does anybody else feel this way or are you used to going away less frequently but for longer periods of time?

As always when I return from a break I am raring to go! Even if I am still in a different time zone!


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