Business Consultancy and Team Development testimonials:

Dr Hani Namih


Dr Peter Moran

Dr Adrian Mullish – Adrian Mullish Dental Care

We’ve implemented many new ways of doing things. Laura has a high energy and enthusiasm level and that can be very good for me as I find that its very easy to become demotivated with all the day-to-day problems that running a practice can bring. I feel that Laura’s two main strengths are staff training and being constantly on my side.

Laura has trained my staff to a level that I could never have reached without her, and they’ve really flourished with her guidance. Laura also tailors her solutions to be very practice-specific and has a very flexible approach. I would heartily recommend Horton Consulting to any practice owner.

6 Day Practice Management Course

Pia – Principal Dentist

Treatment Co-ordination

Dr Nadim Majid

Over the last three to four years “we’ve really grown” said Nadim. In fact, we’ve seen 15-20% growth over the last year, which is mainly down to Horton Consulting’s help”. In this time, we’ve worked closely with Laura, she’s provided lots of training, such as telephone training, as well as implementing different systems; in particular, the treatment co-ordinator role.

Laura has helped us with the full patient experience; from when the patient steps in the door, such as how to meet and greet a patient, and what to do after they’ve gone. Additionally, Laura helped us look at the dental examination from the patient’s point of view and consider the most effective way to present treatment options. A real eye opener, we now offer ‘WOW’ factor examinations and treatment presentations.

Treatment Co-ordination

Dr Stephen Pitt

Laura’s services have been undoubtedly the best investment in our practice.

It has strengthened our team and improved our productivity. I would strongly recommend Horton Consulting to anyone, as long as it was not in our local area as it makes us stand out from the crowd!

Treatment Co-ordination

Dr Steve Lomas

For us, Laura Horton is THE Super Hero of dental consultancy, an absolute must to equip your whole dental team with the skills needed to take your practice and patients experiences to higher levels than you ever thought possible!

Following our 2 day TCO training with Laura, almost instantly we were able to run our appointment books, patient pathways and experiences to an extraordinarily high standard. Laura worked with our whole team, from nurses, reception and TCO’s to Dentists, and delivered the knowledge and support we needed to help our practice to shine.

What an amazing young lady! We have just had two days training with Laura to help us introduce the Treatment Co-ordinator role into our practice. My expectations were very high, and Laura far exceeded them. Laura exudes confidence, backed from the experience of having performed the role for some of the highest profile dental practices in the country. The two day workshop was beautifully planned and executed. Laura managed not only to train our main co-ordinator, but to train four other members of staff to cover her role, along with the majority of our reception staff, dental nurses and dentists. At the end of the workshop, everyone was confident that they can take the role forward successfully in our practice. Administrative follow-up has been prompt and comprehensive. Every member of the team involved found Laura’s two days really enjoyable, and were full of praise for her knowledge, easy personality, ability to inspire, and really just wanted to join her team. With Laura’s support, I am certain that our reputation, customer care experience, and profitability will grow. I am looking forward to a long and productive future working alongside Laura.

Treatment Co-ordination

Dr Harpreet Khambay

Laura’s approach to new client assessments has certainly helped us give our clients the “WOW” factor. We have had great feedback from our clients, many commenting on the fact that they felt valued and cared for. One of the key ways to create this has been to adopt Laura’s “30 point oral health assessment”; it really is a unique approach to clinical examination and communicating with clients.

Treatment Co-ordination

Dr Neil Cooper

Tracy and Sara have really taken the TCO role to heart and the quality of the patient experience has skyrocketed. Our treatment conversions are up, the treatment plans are out much more efficiently and the girls are loving it!

Its given them much more confidence and ‘ownership’ of their position in the practice. they take initiatives and they even came to me with an increased price list a few weeks ago 🙂

Treatment Co-ordination

Dr Ash Parmar, dentist and owner of Smile Designs by Ash

“At whatever stage you are in business, the training provided by Laura will offer immense value to any practice.”

As a dentist the case presentation training was invaluable because I learnt how to provide more defined and precise presentations. I now realise that it is important to ensure I am in control of the presentation and that I follow the structure that Laura has put in place. Incorporating these strategic changes into my case presentation style has made noticeable differences already, and I’m confident that this new approach will make the biggest difference to the practice in the long run.

Because we’re a fully private, high-end practice that delivers lots of high quality cosmetic dentistry, we present larger treatment plans of high value. Therefore, it is crucial that the whole case presentation process goes really well, because if you miss out one little jigsaw piece, the whole thing just won’t work.

We also did role-plays as a team, and this practical element really helped reinforce the key messages of the training. In addition, it was fantastic that Laura’s very impressive online offering, including virtual training and webinars, supported the in-practice training.

Treatment Co-ordination

Dr Bhavnish Waghela – Natural Smiles

Laura come to train Carol our TCO in January 2011.

The entire team at Natural Smiles were involved in the training and all thoroughly enjoyed the two days.

From a business point of view, my practice turnover and profits have been transformed dramatically (a big improvement).

Our patient journey is streamlined and patients are dealt with swiftly and with care in a far better way.

Dental Photography

Dr Nejal Joshi, Hertfordshire

The photography training session was very enjoyable and a good way to improve the skills required for good pictures. Laura was very good at directing us and making the session informative. I would recommend this course as it is very useful even if you are already taking photographs.

Impression Taking

Nikki Hewlett and Hazel Holmes, Whitchurch Dental Practice

We found the impression taking course very fun hands on and interesting. Rachael was informative and gave us all full support during the day.

We have taken lots of successful impressions as a result of the course, which makes our dentists very happy : ) and we feel confident as a result of the course.

We would 100% recommend this course for RDN’s!

Thank you very much

Telephone Training

Brenda Nelson – Cranmore Dental Practice

Laura worked with our Welcome Team helping to create effective systems and a fantastic support team. Her workshops were very well delivered and embraced by the team. Laura has great communication skills and provides a professional service. I would highly recommend Horton Consulting.

Exams: Laura’s approach to new client assessments has certainly helped us give our clients the “WOW” factor. From the moment they call to the moment they walk through the practice, our clients are given a unique and five-star experience. We have had great feedback from our clients, many commenting on the fact that they felt valued and cared for. One of the key ways to create this has been to adopt Laura’s “30 point oral health assessment”; it really is a unique approach to clinical examination and communicating with clients.

Practice Management

Cheryl, Practice Manager at Smile Design

Although I have not had to use my newly acquired Performance Management skills, as we have a great team, it was really helpful and gave me confidence as a manager to implement things and ensure the team do as I ask. Our reviews are not due just yet, but the Performance Reviews skills I gained were also very valuable.

At the end of the training, Michael provided homework, consisting of different scenarios which required the practice manager’s intervention. I had to express what I would do if I were to be presented with each, and Michael would provide feedback. This was excellent because I find that with a lot of courses, you leave forgetting most of what you learnt! But this homework helped to reinforce everything.

The fact that Michael has been on-hand to answer any questions since has been fantastic. I know that I can contact him at anytime and he will always provide a helping hand. He’s an excellent trainer and explains things effortlessly and thoroughly. He is so passionate about his job and his positivity is infectious!

Unique Marketing

Dr Harpreet Khambay

Horton Marketing created some great adverts, brochures and marketing campaigns that have been successful in bringing new clients through our door. All have commented on how much they like our adverts and we continue to find new and innovative ideas to help us stand out.

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