Dear Laura

Thank you so much for your training.

I have to say when we first talked I was not sure if it was going to make a difference but I have been proved so wrong just looking at the figures.

The revenue has gone up by 61% and work is much less stressful for me and so much easier!

The conversion rate has gone up which is amazing as I didn’t think we could get this any higher.

Thank you Laura – your training is very professional, extremely good and an amazingly good return on investment as the numbers show

Thank you for all your time spent over the phone too, assessing what kind of training would be suitable for the practice, and thank you for your follow up and constant contact and approach.

I have to say any one looking to increase the revenue generated by their business and looking for a more stress free work life you have to consider Laura Horton Consulting.

Thank you once again

Nadim Majid

Lifestyle Dental

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