Team development: development plans = A Team

Practice owner: “my team aren’t committed to me Laura”

Me: “do your team know you are committed to them?”

Relationships are a two way street – you know this.

To develop our teams into the A team you desire both sides need to show commitment.

The team do this by working hard, proving solutions for all problems they encounter, following systems and protocols and by providing great patient care to name a few!

How do the team know you are committed to them? It’s not always about the fact that you pay their wages!

Show them you care by co-creating personal development plans for each team member.

All plans fall in line with the vision of the practice so let the team know what you would like them to do for you over the next three years and how you will get them there. Set time scales for them so they know you are committed to them.

An example for a dental nurse would be: In January 2013 we will enrol you on xxxx radiography course, the aim is that you achieve this qualification by xx/xx/2103. The practice will pay for this course and the examination so this can be achieved.

Career development is key to team members that want to be part of an A team so ensure you deep what you sow with a PDP!

Laura Horton

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