Team culture

In busy practices, it is easy to get so caught up in the day-to-day work that you don’t feel you have time for anything culture image

However, one thing which could really boost your business is to develop your team culture. Not only will your staff work together more effectively, they’re likely to become more confident and more productive, which will save you time and money in the long run.
Here are three tips for building a brilliant team culture:

1. Cross-training: Get your staff to spend a day doing someone else’s job. As well as developing their own skills, it will help them to understand the difficulties their colleagues face and be more sympathetic in the future. This should include everyone, from receptionists to managers. It will build respect and support across the whole team.

2. Support: No team can be effective without having everything it needs, including proper resources and a supportive atmosphere. If your team members are struggling with outdated equipment or a poorly-stocked supply cupboard, they won’t be as strong as they could be. Equally, if you don’t put teamwork at the heart of your business, they won’t have it as a core value either. It should happen all the time: there’s no point talking about the importance of a self-managing team if you snatch back all authority at the first sign of a crisis.

3. Goals: Whether it’s increasing the number of patients or overhauling the way you deliver your services, teams will work best when they have a clear aim. They feel trusted and will bring fresh ideas to the table which you may not have considered. Staff should also be encouraged to set up their own informal sub-teams where appropriate, allowing them to make minor changes without needing to run everything past you. This kind of autonomy can make an incredible difference to individuals’ performance and the overall effectiveness of your practice team.

As hard as it is to do, setting aside time to work on your team culture will bring you enormous benefits in the long term. Why not give it a try?

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