Taking time out

Many of my clients are still struggling to take time out and schedule breaks or holidays. I am always asking them to book time and make plans. Some do not want to. They have been this way for years and find it hard to change. For my clients with young families I always express an urgency to schedule time out – we all know you will never get this time back!

Taking regular holidays is something I am a big fan of (although I have to say since beginning my own company I have just taken my first holiday in 8 months!). I really needed this holiday, I also understand about business owners not wanting to take more than a week away at a time – I now agree!!

Taking time out and relaxing can the best time to reflect and look forward. This is where ideas are created and plans are made.

After two days on my holiday I was very relaxed. The great weather most definitely helps. However, whilst I was relaxing ideas and thoughts were popping into my head. Not just for my business, but for my clients as well.

A change of scenery always does me good, but being away from the laptop and out of the office brings a new light to every situation.

I am very glad that I have another week away planned in a couple of month’s time and look forward to the end of the year when it is possible to take a larger chunk of time off!

If you haven’t already planned time out and booked a holiday for the summer I recommended you do it now – do not delay, time away prevents burnout!


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