Take a look at your business through the eyes’ of your team

How often do you ask your team for feedback about the business – good or bad?

The team in my eyes see everything from a different angle to a busy dentist who’s concentration for the day is the clinical care (rightly so).

When you have team meetings it is really important that the team are not just sitting listening to the owner or manager. It’s vital that they get to contribute too.426914_348698708488589_1446296315_n

A top tip I have is to always ask the team (before the meeting) to each write down one way that, as a team, you can improve the practice. It maybe something tiny, it may be huge – either way let the team contribute by providing you with solutions to enhance the success of the business.

Many practice owners and managers are fearful of getting feedback from the team in case it turns into a huge moaning session. The way to do it is to ask the team to provide solutions to problems they see – the positive outcome is the focus not the problem.

Gaining an insight into the teams perceptions can help you to improve your practice quickly and effectively. Never forget what the team see!


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