This snow business…. enough already!!

I don’t know about you but the forecast snow is already driving me crazy!

As always the media are creating a snow man out of a few flakes and this is causing stress and having impacts on practices already:


Here in Essex it has been snowing since I woke up and has only just stopped (3pm). It has been blizzard like and yes it is very cold today but it has not settled and I am in the sticks, this is the view from my office… you see no snow.


My sons nursery has emailed to say that if they have to close this week make sure to check their Facebook page for an update! That is an unbelievable communication and I have advised them to revisit that system and listed a number of reasons why updating parents via Facebook does not work! I am sure they will be pleased to see me later today.

Enough of me, what can you do:

  1. Have a open communication with your team. Make your message about this very clear now! It does not matter if patients cancel the team are still paid to be there and you will only close / send people home when it is heavy snow not snow that does not settle, and it is not to be discussed any further.
  2. Have a script for your team to use with patients  ‘it is advisable to keep your appointment and if it is dangerous for you to get here on Thursday / Friday then there will not be a late cancellation charge in the event of hazardous weather’.

I hope that helps….

I hope you have a great week

c’est la vie

carpe diem

que sara sara

whatever will be will be



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