Sick days and opening hours

There is a story in the news today that last year employees took an average of 6 sick days each, which is the lowest Laura_ Horton_ by_ Catchlight_Art_Photography (6)figure for many years.

The reason for this, I assume is that no-one wants to put there job at risk during the last 18 months by taking time off work when they could struggle through a runny nose.

This awareness and worry for employees also spreads into them taking time off work for dental appointments. They do not want to take time off to have a check up, a clean, and especially not to have their teeth cosmetically enhanced! Which brings me back to my biggest message for dental businesses – you must have flexible opening hours if you want to gain and retain new patients.

I know practices that are open from 7 am, others that are open until 9pm and many more that are open every Saturday. One practice I know is open Monday to Friday 8-7 and every Saturday 8-3. They do close their books during the hours of 1-2 either! They have their lunch 12-1 or 2-3, and guess what – this practice is busy accepting new private patients and increasing their turnover.

In the world we now live in practices have to realise you are offering a service and if you do not offer late nights, early mornings and weekends you are limiting the number of new patients that are going to pick up the phone and make contact with you.

Laura Horton

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