Should dental practices outsource their HR?

It’s one of the biggest challenges facing the owners of growing businesses: should you start investing in HR services?puzzled

While a business is being established and growing, it is possible to manage employment yourself, perhaps with support from an accountant or financial adviser. However, once the business reaches a certain size, your obligations as an employer become much more extensive and it is much harder to manage everything yourself. So what can you do?

One option is to outsource your HR. External agencies know their industry inside out, so you can be sure that you have experts dealing with your business.

However, although they may be experts in HR, they may not understand the individual needs of each business. Remember they won’t be on hand to deal with day-to-day issues; their role is mainly to ensure you fulfil your obligations as an employer. And of course, the other major disadvantage of using an external agency is the hefty fee they usually charge.

Instead, you might consider recruiting a HR specialist. This means you will have someone on site, and they may also be able to take on additional responsibilities in the practice.

But they may have no experience of dental practice and may not be a perfect fit with the way you operate. The last thing you need is to end up with an additional employee who doesn’t take any of the HR weight off your hands!

What can work is a hybrid of the two which allows you to take back control – and that’s exactly where we can help. Like an agency, we help you to understand your obligations as an employer and you do not need to take on a separate HR manager. Like an employee, we spend time getting to know your practice inside out, and because we can also work on other areas of your business, our work is coordinated and efficient.

We put together how-to guides for practice owners and managers to guide them through HR compliance – and leave them back in control, confidently dealing with their own HR.


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