It doesn’t take a lot to shock me or surprise me but on Sunday afternoon I went to view a showhome for new apartments in my town.

I wasn’t necessarily interested, I just wanted to see what you get for your money compared to my apartment thats not brand new (and on the market) and the house I am thinking of buying 30 minutes out of town and away from the commuter belt to London.

The brand new 2 beds are the same price as my place current and the 3 beds are the same price as the house I want. But what shocked me was that the moment I walked through the door, my personal space was invaded, the sales lady said “Hi” and then “what’s your budget?”

I couldn’t believe it and said I am not telling you my budget, she then insinuated that I could not afford to buy one of the posh apartments! I will not write the script of what happened next but you can only imagine my response!

God knows how but out of 90 apartments there is only 20 left, with those sales tactics I am extremely surprised!

Talking about money can be tough for some but there’s one thing that you can’t do – talk about budgets before you get to know the person. I didn’t know her name and she didn’t ask mine, no hand shake, no getting to know me, just blunt abruptness.

Shocking behaviour when she’s asking for 180K for 700 sq ft!

Laura Horton

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