Roadworks and mentors

Laura_ Horton_ by_ Catchlight_Art_Photography (6)Living in Hertfordshire I often view the M25 as my second home, and the M4 has been this way of late as well.

Last week on a journey to a practice in total I drove through 12 sets of raodworks – I kid you not!

Getting from A to B is becoming more difficult  – I am having to find different routes to get me to B (often without my friendly tom tom).

When new clients contact me they are stuck at A. The goals and desires for their businesses are not clicking into place – examples are patient care and systems. My new clients contact me and are asking for help.

It should not be embarrassing for you to admit that you are struggling to get from A to B.

If you need help getting to B there is one thing you can do – ask for help. Just like I do when I when I need a short cut (god bless the M40 and A404). How did I know about this short cut? I asked for help, in fact I always do for anything that I possibly can. Thats not to say I always action the advice I am given, I simply take the best bits from each person!

Success comes when we ask for help, successful leaders can get to B. Leaders have mentors.

Who’s your mentor that stops the roadworks from disrupting your journey?


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