Remembering Emma John

There once stood a young 20 something in a conference venue, literally standing there, nervous and completely out of her comfort zone as she was about to present to an audience for one of the first times in her new career.

A beautiful soul saw her, felt her worry, embraced her, took her by the arm and stuck with her for the rest of the day.

These two ladies had not met before but it was the start of a lovely friendship.

I was the not so young 20 something and the lady that saw me was Emma John.

If you had the fortune to meet Emma you will be able to imagine her that day walking over to me. She knew my name and hugged me so tight. She scooped me up and took me with her for the day, we were speaking at the same conference in the same session that afternoon.

Her energy, her smile her positiveness.

That day a friendship began.

Emma was my dental big sister. I can’t tell you how supportive she has been to me over the years since. She always answered the phone, she always answered my emails, she always listened and gave awesome advice.

Some years ago Emma joined Horton as a consultant and even when that didn’t work out, our friendship was not affected.

During one of the hardest times of growing my business Emma gave me her opinion, advice I needed, that altered the course my business forever. It was not easy for her to say those words that day but she did, as that was Emma. She wouldn’t pay lip service. Emma was an amazing lady, such fun, so very kind but always honest.

I will never forget her happiness for me when I told her I was pregnant in January 2016. That’s right, Emma was in my very small circle of trust as I was hiding my pregnancy from the dental world. She was ecstatic for me to become a Mum. Emma had so many roles in life but being a Mum she told me was the best one of all.

On yet another phone call Emma helped me after a horrendous labour and tough recovery to keep my chin up and crack on – she knew I could do it and so I did.

Over the last few years Emma has continued to keep her positive upbeat mindset whilst battling ill health and continuing to be a wonderful mum, wife, employer, business owner (and every other role she delivered with such style and grace).

I was absolutely shocked to learn yesterday of Emma’s passing. I assumed she would beat this.

There are not enough words to describe Emma, but if you knew her you know just how special Emma John was to us in the profession. I know there will be an out pouring of love for Emma and rightly so.

I will never forget Emma, that is my promise to her.

She taught me to always check out the room, see who needs support, to approach them and support them not only on that day but forever afterwards too.

No-one was alone when Emma was nearby.

My deepest condolences go to her children, husband Rhod, and the Absolute team.

Remembering Emma John. Always.

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