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Today I learnt a valuable lesson – I am too reliant with technology. Although I mainly commute by car I do take the train whenever I can.

On Friday morning I came into London to attend the six month smiles course (an amazing course BTW) I then stayed at my sisters house in London last night.

This morning I caught the train back to the course  and thats when I had trouble. The train line app wouldn’t work! Then I couldn’t connect to the internet on my phone – ahhhh!

This resulted in me having a nightmare getting across London on the overground, a  journery that look me 20 minutes on Friday took 40 this morning as I soon discovered that there where no direct trains. The lesson is the same as always stop being “so last minute” and plan my journeys ahead!

This episode led me to think about dental practices. I try to encourage practices to cross train their teams. This reason for this is because in practice we are often all to reliant one one or two keys team members. When they are not in the practice things go wrong. You are too reliant on these people and need to create an immediate action plan so you can rely on all of your team.

You never know when a valued team member could suddenly hand in their notice, fall pregnant or be signed of on long term sickness and you need a back up plan.

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