Why reactive marketing is so damaging to your business

Reactive marking is the process where by the person responsible for marketing panics and says “o my days, what are we going to advertise next month? What can we do an offer on?”572 g

This person decides to discount a treatment or copy the same offer as another dental practice local to them. They get this out super quick.

Discounts and offers are damaging to your brand (look out for a blog post on this) however, the biggest pitfall with reactive marketing is the lack of training for your sales team.

The front desk team rarely know about the offer, some may have no clue about the treatment and its benefits. You are now damaging your business as you have forgotten this vital cog in the machine.

Proactive businesses:


All before the advertisement or campaign lands!

The sales team fully understand what is expected of them.

Proactive businesses can measure their effectiveness, review the numbers and make sure they get a return on their investment.

Reactive marketing damages your business as you invest in marketing and not the sales systems.

You are chucking money down the drain.moneydownthedrain

If it is a decision between no marketing and reactive marketing I would choose no marketing. Why waste money and cause stress on a team that are not prepared to handle the enquiries.






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