Rainy day’s

My Nan brought me up as a lad and she was always going on at me to save for a rainy day “If you haven’t got it you cannot spend it, that’s the rule with money!”

I know times have moved on but they were very wise words. I am a spender by nature, my motto is: “life is too short, live for the moment!” I adore musical theatre and it is my weakness.

Years ago this was a problem as I used money that was set aside for other things, to buy a ticket for a show – and then our boiler packed in! I had to scrape around to find the money to buy a new boiler, which at the time was an urgent purchase. 

I made the decision (after this disaster with money) to open another account and make it my rainy day fund for emergency things and impulse buys – like tickets.

This has really worked for me over the years, as I put in the same amount of money every month and it starts to build up over time, this has meant that I can dip into it when I need to and I really love not worrying about using this rainy day fund.

For dental practices the same rule applies and I have recommended to so many clients that every one needs a business and personal rainy day fund. For the dental business it is important to have this set as a monthly expense for the business and to place this money in another account. I recommend that the amount is suitable so that if something in the practice happens that is unexpected or you wish to purchase something at a dental show, go on a course etc you can make an informed choice that doesn’t affect your cash flow and that the funds are available. This is a proactive way to work, so go on set yourself up an account and get saving for that rainy day!

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