Rachel’s round up: Value in Oral Health Education

Have you got an oral health educator in your practice? If not why not??rachel round up

Maybe you have got an oral health educator – but do you actually use them??

The role of an oral health educator in practice is possibly the most valuable role yet the most underused and undervalued.

We are all aware that the new NHS contracts are going to have a bigger emphasis on prevention and rightly so! We should then see a much needed raise in the profiles of oral health educators and in fact nurse lead clinics.
For private practices this is a service you should already be offering your client base.

Just think….
If every new patient had an oral health education session built into his or her treatment plan you’re setting a standard, motivating change and creating compliance for the future!

What if every child in your practice had unlimited access to oral health education – what would the effects for that child’s future oral health be?

What about those clients who are dealing with long term, life changing illnesses and have to suffer a deterioration in their oral health as a result!

What about the neighbouring dental practice that’s offering this service and you’re not??

So the question now is… Can you afford not to have an active oral health educator in practice?

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