Rachel’s round up: Impression taking for dental nurses

2 weeks ago I headed over to Belfast for the long awaited launch of the Horton Consulting Impression taking master class (advanced impression taking), The venue – Henry Schein showroom who are our sponsors.
The delegates all arrived early, keen to get going and were all welcomed by the lovely Gary Nelson from Quality Plan.
Once the dreaded ice breaker was out of the way the morning kicked off with a short lecture and discussion about the ethical and legal considerations that surround impression taking for DCPS, the properties of impression materials and communication and patient management.rachelimps

Then it was time for hands on practical after a short demonstration. Delegates were able to select the correct size impression tray and analyse through reflection what makes an acceptable impression. The morning was all about Alginate – some were natural impression takers while others realised that it’s not as easy as it looks.

After lunch we moved to two stage silicone impression techniques. The main purpose for this is for those nurses to get involved with record taking sessions for orthodontics systems such as Invisalign or Six months smiles.
We had some excellent quality impressions that afternoon.

The delegates received a full on day in impression techniques, understanding why faults occur and how they can be rectified during retake, but they will not go back to practice fully competent to take impressions. that comes through continual practice and completion of a record of experience and reflective practice. Once the delegates have completed their record of experience they can apply for a competency certificate. This along with their record experience will then form part of their CPD record.

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