Rachel’s Round up: creating awareness

I’ve been a busy girl this summer as the summer holidays saw an influx of children’s Oral health sessions.
One of the big concerns from parents was Sugar!

With the hot weather, overheated children have been seeking recovery in the form of squashes and fizzy drinks. Parents have also been concerned about their children going off to “big school” and losing that element of control over the child’s diet.

During a dental awareness week in our local shopping centre at the start of the summer holidays, I created a display highlighting to parents and children just exactly what they were drinking in terms of hidden sugars. I would love to say the idea was my own but it wasn’t. I’d seen it on a social media post and thought how fantastic it was so I copied it!

It was a hit!

Families were drawn to our stand to discuss the subject further. Since then it’s been in the practice on display, again creating much needed awareness and it’s proved a very useful education tool for all those concerned parents.

September is Colgate oral health month, it’s the perfect opportunity to get yourself involved in oral health awareness.


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