Rachels round up: are you thinking of coming off the GDC register?

A big dilemma faced by a lot of dental nurses lately is ” Shall I come off the GDC register? I mainly work as a treatment coordinator or on reception with very little nursing”.0634

The answer quite simply is ” NO DONT DO IT” !! Stay registered and maintain that professional status that you have earned.

There is a lot of controversy at present about annual retention fees (ARF) mainly due to the massive 67% increase of a dentists ARF. The ARF for DCPS is also said to increase by 6% to £128 per year which is not a great increase but when you consider that the term “Dental care professional” relates to all the roles complimentary to dentistry, we must also remember that each role has its own clearly defined scope of practice and very different pay scales. So the 6% rise may seem small to full time hygienists and therapists or laboratory owners but to us dental nurses it can be the equivalent of half a weeks wages….
Some dental nurses myself included are very fortunate to have our registration paid for by our employers but many are facing the dilemma to come off the register as they are paying their own fees.
Being registered though does not only able you to work chair side with a clinician it allows you to develop yourself as a clinician by using the scope of practice to the absolute max!
For those working as a treatment coordinator who are interested in developing further you may consider studying the Level 3 Diploma in Treatment coordination? You may decide you want to expand the role to the next level and be a clinical treatment coordinator by encompassing the role of an extended skills nurse. To be able to
• Take Intra oral photographs
• Take Radiographs
• Take Dental impressions
• Give oral hygiene advice
• Take a Shade
You need to be trained, qualified and competent but you can only do that if you have GDC registration.
For dental nurses who are still working chair side you may be feeling bored and frustrated? Thinking of leaving dentistry? Have you considered how you can improve and develop to give yourself more variety and greater work satisfaction? Nurses who undertake further development in extended skills can pave the way for nurse led clinics undertaking elements of patient care and releasing dentists valuable diary time.

You also need to consider that Once you come off the register it is incredible difficult to get back on… You would still have to demonstrate that you have maintained your knowledge by completing CPD!

So I really would urge you to think very carefully if you are facing this decision and if your still unsure talk about it.. Your dentists may be looking for someone who wants to take that extra step forward but doesn’t know who or how, the result could be mutually beneficial.


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