Practice Club is my business and team-development programme to support you in training your managers, receptionists and clinicians in all the systems and verbal skills they could ever need to support the patient experience while developing your business.

Practice Club is a unique way for me to train your team. It represents amazing value for money!

The fee is £150 a month for 12 months, you have 7 accounts included and you can join anytime too.

My world-class training is now available for every practice to experience at a price that cannot be beaten!

Practice Club will:

  1. Save you money in team training;
  2. Help managers and owners to train the team in a cost-effective, time-efficient way;
  3. Save managers and owners heaps of time in training;
  4. Will support the patient experience;
  5. Support conversion of patients;
  6. Provide 7 accounts for the team to use included in the price.

What’s more, we have a community forum to support you and there will be a monthly webinar for everyone in your team to listen back to on-demand for additional support. We will invite guests to the webinars from our extensive network in Dentistry to give you many more motivational and bright ideas to keep you on track through 2021.

Until the end of 2021 Practice Club will support you with:


And the following is already waiting for you:


All chapters are colour coded for your reference so it is easy for you to see the training material for your role.

All the training provides enhanced CPD and you can automatically download certificates for completion to add to your CPD portfolio.

12 months at £150 per month

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Who is each chapter for and what do they learn?

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12 months at £150 per month

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