Outstanding results from dental teams

I am pleased to report huge results with the customer care and communication training that I have provided to practices all over the UK.

One practice in particular has made me feel very proud with their proactive approach – the team have undertaken all changes in a positive manner.

We know ‘good’ is not ‘good enough’ when it comes to your new patient journey and the telephone experience that your patient receives.

This practice principal did not want to be average – he wanted to be the best and have a team he was proud of.

The practice scored 20% on my assessment of their mystery calls prior to my training, which is normal.

One person in his team scored an amazing 92% after my training

80% is excellent; 92% is out of this world.

I cannot praise this person enough! But it gets even better – the patient has just accepted an £8500.00 treatment plan and paid in advance – a great team effort and a fantastic result! This is now the largest case they have had through the door -the average treatment plan before my training was £2500. They vow this would not have happened prior to the training!

And remember the fee was collected before the treatment started!

It just goes to show what can be achieved !


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