Vision Day

Design the Vision for your Practice

Virtual Vision Consultancy for £1450

Behind every successful clinic there is a clear vision that the leaders can communicate to the team, implement and measure.

For some owners Covid-19 has given them ideas to start over, redesign their business and take back control.

We know clinics are re-writing their businesses, the brand message, marketing, sales systems, team set up, clinical and non clinical operations, and reviewing their finances in detail.

The ideas and vision are clear – but how are you going to get there? Are you in a partnership and you need to move onto the same page, you all need to be heard and then plan appropriately?

Our clinical background is our USP, combined with expert knowledge in training and developing teams and building brands.

We can help you plan and prioritise the vision for your business even if you would like help with designing one part of the business.

We break the business into 7 key areas, assess where you are currently, help you map where you need to be and importantly provide direction and a 12 month plan on how you can get there.


Laura Horton with you in a Zoom Room assessing your business.


  • Confirm the areas of the business you would like our support with – we know that not every owner needs help in all of the 7 areas below
  • Spend 3 hours with the business owners and management to understand your long term goals and help you strategically plan
  • Create an action plan and comprehensive report containing our recommendations.
  • Meet with you for a further 2 hours to discuss in detail the recommendations.
  • Provide a further one hour meeting to confirm the strategic plan, and time frames for each recommendation.

We can support you with:

  1. Vision / Goals short and long term
  2. Financial targets and systems
  3. Marketing
  4. Sales systems
  5. The client experience
  6. The team’s roles and responsibilities

What areas of your business would you like us to help with on a visionary day?
Select all that apply to you.

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