Old skool customer service experience

I am one of those people who live life on the edge by running my fuel low. I am even worse now I have a hybrid, but the other day I had to make a stop for fuel.

A new Shell petrol station has opened in Chelmsford, Essex.

I couldn’t believe it when I pulled in and there was a very friendly man there to fill up my car for me!

This is something I had never ever experienced before and thought it was great. I asked if they were a pay at pump station, he told me how they weren’t, but I could download their app and pay via the app instead -I will do that next time!

This customer service experience made me want to use Shell from now on, until I was told this only the 2nd station to offer this service in the UK.

Isn’t it about time we went old school with customer service? Yes you can have tablets and apps in your business for wow factor, you can be digital with your marketing and patient experiences processes but you just can’t under estimate the human touch. It makes you feel great.

I’ll be going back there tomorrow to have my car filled up for me again 🙂


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