My notes from an entrepreneur…


Last week I had an opportunity to listen to Chris Cardell. Chris made some great points that I feel everyone can action.

The following are relevant to your dental practice and should help you to start developing and implementing fresh ideas to attract new patients.

1.      Are you testing a new marketing idea monthly?

2.      Are your staff trained in sales?

3.      Do you have a permission-marketing website?


Now let us discuss this further:

One new marketing idea a month – it really is that easy!  You can see results by simply tracking the progress this new idea has created – perhaps one idea may be to have a greater presence on Google with an enhanced SEO programme? The results from this will be easily traceable in your practice, computerised or not!

Staff trained in sales: it is a known fact that reception teams in dental practices are not trained in sales (unless I have already been into your practice.) My job is to train your entire team to confidently convert new patient enquiries into consultations.  If you wish your staff to handle calls in an exceptional way then they must be trained to do so!

Permission marketing: Do you have a section on your website where your patients can sign up to your newsletters? Do you then reach out to this list of names and email addresses? Permission marketing means that the patient is waiting for you to contact them! So go ahead and do just that. Give your patients special offers with deadlines and they will bite your hands off.

My Final thoughts

If your marketing activity is taking a back seat right now or if you are continuing to spray and not target, you need to rethink your strategies. If you are targeting correctly, yet do not see any evidence that your marketing is working for you in ROI means testing, then you have to train your reception team in sales NOW.

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