My bank want to give me a 10/10 service!

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As we know banks do not have a great reputation. Today my annoyance with Lloyds TSB grew to an all time high!

I never go into the bank except for one thing to collect holiday money and to (very rarely) pay left over holiday spending money back into my account.

Every time I go into my bank they have Louise rudely tapping on the keyboard while I am being dealt with by her colleague and she tries to sell me something I do not want, or need and that they cannot offer at a better price.

Today I went into the bank and the queue was out the door. I couldn’t believe it. Then there were signs everywhere saying “Andy” wanted to ensure we all have a 10/10 service every time we visit and asked what could we do to make the service 10/10!

As much as I could come up a list there and then, there was no-one to give my list to – I am sure Andy was on lunch instead of helping with the queue of annoyed customers.

Next as I ventured further down the queue (and I wish I took a photograph of it) was a poster telling me what times to come in during the week if I didn’t want to queue! My flip side thinking was – you know its busy at these particular times get more staff on you idiot!

The reason however, that I am writing this blog is because I do not believe we can ever achieve a 10/10. My old team in dental practice will tell you that I would never score anyone 10/10 for verbal skills or customer service because we can always do something different to change the experience.

No two people are the same and every person you deal with has to be dealt with differently. So “Andy” the bank manager might give Mrs Smith a 10/10 service but because I have different needs and expectations it doesn’t mean I could score them 10/10.

And as always this brings me back to relationships – if your goal is the same as Andy’s then you need to get out there and talk to each patient. You must know them to give them an individual experience when they attend the practice. Creating a one size fits all approach will not work. We are all different and need to be understood as individuals. Building relationships with your patients and understanding their personality type (I use the DISC system) is paramount to your success.

Laura Horton

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