Motivation and skills

What makes people feel motivated?
When I ask this, often the first thing that springs to mind is money. But is it really that simple, or are we just being cynical?

The truth is that not everyone is motivated by money. For many people, the thought that they are doing a good job and making a difference to their practice and patients is all the reward they need.rewardstaff

If they stop getting that feeling, employees may get bored and begin to look for new challenges. Many principals see this as inevitable: staff will always want to move on to a new job when they have exhausted the options at their current practice. Yet there is an easy solution – and one which also helps to reduce your workload and improve your practice at the same time.

Offering staff the chance to learn new skills and take on more responsibility can be a huge motivator. Whether your administrator wants to gain a typing qualification or your dental nurse is interested in becoming a treatment co-ordinator, it is an excellent idea to put a training plan in place for all your staff. Not only does this give them a reason to stay with the practice, it also improves the treatment they can offer – which in turn helps to keep your patients with you too.

Even those staff who are not interested in or suitable for exams and certificates can be supported in a similar way. Their training plan could include targets such as taking on new responsibilities or overhauling aspects of the way your business runs. As long as the targets are challenging yet achievable, and agreed between you and your employee, they can be almost anything.

Once the plans are in place, offer support to your staff as they set out – but allow them to take control as they gain in confidence and skills. You will soon find they are taking on new responsibilities with enthusiasm and you can happily delegate to them, leaving you to get on with your own work without worrying.

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