Motivate Yourself

As a business owner or leader, it’s easy to focus on keeping your team motivated and forget that sometimes you need to focus on yourself too.

If you have a goal in mind which you are working towards, but it is taking longer to reach it than you would like, it is likely that your motivation needs to be addressed. Yes, an images-31ultimate goal can be a motivation in itself, but you will probably find yourself avoiding some of the smaller tasks on the way to that aim – so how can you stay on track?

Firstly, remember that motivation has to be internal. Yes, it can be helpful to have positive phrases and images on your walls, but you need to have the right mindset for these to have any real effect. If you know you can be put off by negative thoughts, spend some time working on ways to reverse these and set your mind on a more positive track. Whether it is meditation, positive affirmations or simply a quick stroll through the park, find a way to start each day in the right way.

Procrastination is the enemy of motivation. Whether you’re aiming to get fit or start a company newsletter, there are infinite ways of putting the task itself off while pretending to be working towards it. “I’ll go to the gym next week – I have lots of meetings this week,” or “I’ll tidy my office before I get started.” When we have a list of tasks to complete, it is tempting to go through the easier or quicker ones first, telling ourselves we’re ticking things off the list – then suddenly, it’s the end of the day, and we still haven’t achieved that one thing we’re dreading.

There is a famous saying that if you have to eat a live frog every morning, at least you can go through the rest of the day knowing that you have got the most unpleasant thing out of the way first thing. Make sure you eat your frog in the morning – everything else will taste much better afterwards!


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