Management tips! In house promotion…..

I have recently been asked to work with a newly appointed manager who is of course facing a number of challenges.

One of which has been her in house promotion to a management role. She is no doubt worthy of the opportunity but has been worried how best to set new ground lines within her team.

Together we have considered her strategy and have come up with  some ideas to get her started.

1) Form new habits in the way you conduct yourself, let the team see you are serious about your role this includes only ever touching a piece of paper once which I learnt many years ago. If you can deal with it within 2 minutes, then do it. Revisiting it later wastes time.

2) Ask the team how they feel a manager can be most effective. Get them on board and listen to what they have to say, they have have some gems of information to share and might be desperately hoping for some leadership and guidance

3) Set SMART objectives for all the team, show them the importance of measuring performance against a set of pre determined outcomes.

4) Take 30 minutes every day to plan your day, this will become the most important thing you ever do.

Emma John

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