Management Monday: Time management and leadership

Effective leaders are good at time management, they do not have a huge to do lists, instead they schedule their priorities.

Time management is one of the hardest and most asked about area for questions for managers and practice owners.

Having a never ending to do list, jumping from one area of the business to another (such as wages to marketing) is reactive management. You react to what is on your list. Some describe this as fire fighting. Whatever you call it is tiring, stressful and certainly does not provide you with job satisfaction.waht to do before 1st visit

If you really want to master time management the first step is to begin your journey into the art of delegation.

Delegation really is an art and also takes time! You need to identify who you can train to take over different tasks, then you need to take time to train them, create the training documents and have the training signed off.

Then the delegation can begin!

Some practice managers often ask me “will my team think I am lazy for delegating?” The short answer is no. The team will feel motivated as you are putting trust into them and giving the opportunities. Most people want to progress in their role and by providing additional tasks you are also strengthening your leadership.


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