Management Monday – the leadership ladder

What type of business owner or practice manager are you?

Do you get your head down working on tasks, making sure everything is just so. Or do you lead the team by sharing the vision and then together you all take responsibility for the tasks?

I often find that managers are just ‘managing’. Turning up to work with an endless to do list. Having a head down, get on with it attitude as they don’t see any other way.

Stephen Covey describes management and leadership as two separate roles and I agree.

The leadership has to come first.

When acting as a manager you say: How can I  accomplish these things?

Leadership ladder-resized-147.jpg

When acting as a Leader you say: What are the things I want to accomplish?

Remember that management is about climbing the ladder, and leadership is about making sure the ladder is against the right wall.

You need to sit back and decide what does your practice need? A manager or a leader, or both?


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