Management Monday – scope of practice for the PM

Discovering how to be a PM has come and continues to grow from years of experience, 15 years to be exact and counting.

I started out in the corporate areas, firstly optical, with D & A and then I moved into dental. For the last 8 years I have been working for JM Dental Care in the Midlands. I can honestly say I love my job. Independent dentistry is wonderful. I enjoy not be shackled in a corporate setting and having the ability to create new systems, expand our scope of treatments, promote and train people and watch us all develop together as a team.

Don’t be under any illusion the same drive I had at D & A is still there and I work to my fullest potential every day. I developed Treatment coordination in my practice in 2005 unbeknown to me that Laura was doing exactly the same thing in her practice. They say kindred spirits will find each other so I know that LHC and I share the same core values. So there you have it, an introduction about me.

Where do we go from here? Well I would like to share with you my scope of practice as a PM

Customer Service Manager

Recruitment Manager Personnel Manager Performance Manager
Complaints Manager Finance Manager

Marketing Manager Vision/Development  Manager
Stock Manager Appointment Diary/Rota Manager

Treatment Co-ordinator Training Manager
Child Protection Leader First Aider/Fire Marshall

Health and Safety Manager Infection Prevention Manager
Registered Manager CQC Records Manager

Repairs and maintenance Manager Radiography co-ordinator
Significant Event Analysis  Leader

License Management Contract Manager Security Manager

I will go into each of these 24 scopes of practice in turn. Each one has its own systems to implement to create a great practice! However, it all starts with the PM having autonomy in all of these areas to make it work for your business and for you as a PM too!

Michael Bentley

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