Management Monday: Reward your staff

It is well known that employees like to have benefits. A good salary, as many days’ paid rewardstaffholiday as possible, and perhaps an annual bonus are the obvious things many companies offer.

Yet it is easy for these benefits to be forgotten as people get tied up in the day-to-day business of doing their jobs. Staff can quickly become disengaged – they are not enthusiastic about or committed to the practice and their role in its success

So how can you tackle this? The answer is to focus on the benefits you offer, but you’ll be pleased to know that doesn’t mean spending large sums of money. It’s all about finding ways to make people feel valued and important every day

Firstly, getting everyone involved in making decisions is very important to morale. It may also benefit you when they come up with suggestions you had not considered before.

In order for them to make a real contribution, employees need to understand the business so you must keep them informed. You don’t have to share every detail, but equally, employees are often quick to pick up on signs that change is afoot and they do not like to be kept in the dark. Be as open as you can – and encourage your staff to do the same. Encourage staff to act independently and take responsibility for their work, knowing that they have all the information they need and can ask for help if they need it.

Don’t underestimate the importance of interesting work. Employees who do not find their jobs stimulating will quickly lose motivation and their performance will suffer. Ensure all your staff enjoy at least some aspects of their work, whether it is answering the phone or coming up with a marketing plan – everyone has different passions and skills.

Finally, remember to recognise achievements, no matter what they are. Whether it is a thank-you in a meeting for someone who has dealt with a tricky patient, or a team night out to celebrate a successful year for the practice, rewards should be proportionate – but should never be forgotten about.

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